Michael Shermer & Michio Kaku
Discuss Science & Pseudoscience

broadcast September 2006

The famous theoretical physicist and science popularizer Dr. Michio Kaku interviews Skeptic publisher and science writer Dr. Michael Shermer, in which they explore a variety of topics between science and pseudoscience, the normal and the paranormal, the natural and the supernatural.

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One Comment to “Michael Shermer & Michio Kaku
Discuss Science & Pseudoscience”

  1. Diana Says:

    This is a very good interview – both interviewer and interviewee. Whilst we might already be conversant with the content, this is intelligently articulated, and challenged me to question a great deal harder any tendency to veer towards false positives in my every day life.

    This is quality interviewing. I enjoyed Kaku’s “Parallel Worlds” book but did not realize he also had good interviewing skills.

    One suggestions for improvement? Give an indication as to the time-length of the interview.