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Transhumanism, the Singularity and Skepticism

broadcast October 2011 | comments (5)

Michael Shermer is interviewed about his views on the future of Artificial Intelligence, the technological singularity, transhumanism, and skepticism. This is not something that Michael Shermer usually talks about. Michael also spoke at the Singularity Summit in the US this year (2011). This footage was taken at the 2011 Think Inc conference in Melbourne.

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The Nightline Face-off:
Does God Have a Future?
Deepak Chopra v. Michael Shermer

broadcast October 2011 | comments (1)

Science and faith do battle as archrivals Michael Shermer and Deepak Chopra debate in this ABC Nightline Face-off from March 2010. This video has 12 parts. You can click to the next part at the end of each part.

You can also watch the debate on ABCNews.

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The Believing Brain lecture
at the University of Melbourne

broadcast September 2011 | Comments Off

In this talk (recorded at the Copland Theatre, University of Melbourne on 19 September 2011) Dr. Michael Shermer presents his comprehensive and provocative theory on how humans form beliefs and reinforce them as truths. He answers the questions of how and why we believe what we do in all aspects of our lives, from our suspicions and superstitions to our politics, economics and social beliefs.

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“You’ve Got…” on AOL

broadcast September 2011 | Comments Off

Skeptic magazine editor Michael Shermer discusses why people are often duped…

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The Way of the Mister, Vol. 1: Reparative Therapy

broadcast September 2011 | Comments Off

This is the first of what will be a series of videos on differing topics. “The Way of the Mister” videos continue the ethos of the Mr. Deity worldview, but branch out in ways that would not work within the the Deity cosmography or with the Deity characters. It is the cast’s desire to do more videos like this, and the ideas are pouring out of Brian Dalton. But many of them require bigger budgets than they currently have and they’re hoping to rectify that with a non-profit organization which will focus on this broader mission — to educate with humor and satire.

Michael Shermer has a short cameo in this episode.

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